A Trusted Disability Service Provider in Wollongong

We are My Link Assist, a team dedicated to the growth and well-being of all NDIS participants in Wollongong. With years of experience and a passionate team, we are fully equipped to cater to the diverse needs of the participants and help them make the best out of their NDIS plan.

Specialist NDIS Providers in Wollongong

The NDIS does a lot for the growth and development of each participant, but navigating through it can be challenging. But not so with the assistance of our support workers in Wollongong. With years of experience delivering to everyday and long-term requirements of NDIS participants, we have the skills, knowledge and passion required to be a trustworthy presence within the NDIS circle. We understand how far the assistance of an NDIS provider can go in helping the participants secure an empowering and growth-oriented journey for themselves. So, we give our best to support them to excel in life and fulfil their goals.

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As your NDIS service provider in Wollongong, we will offer various services, including:

  • Short-Term Accommodation (STA)
  • Respite Accommodation Services
  • In-Home Support
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • Long Term Accommodation
  • Community Participation
  • Supported Living Accommodation
  • Active Night Support and Sleepovers
  • Support Coordination

At My Link Assist, we follow a tailored approach and timely cater to the unique needs of the participants. Our support worker will be around 24*7 and eliminate all factors that might compromise their safety.

As an NDIS participant, one can choose to avail of one or all of these services, and we will ensure they fit right into your expectations and help you fulfil your short and long-term goals. So, end your NDIS provider near me searches with our team at My Link Assist.

Why Choose Us as your Disability Care provider

Trust & Commitment
LinkAssist knows that trust is difficult to gain, and when broken harder to redeem. Have confidence in knowing that our commitment, integrity, and reliability are a strong part of LinkAssist.
At LinkAssist, we always work hard to deliver the best possible service to our clients and participants. We never miss an opportunity to exceed expectations and deliver a great experience.
LINKASSIST knows that Accountability is the acceptance of our own responsibility for our own actions. We show a willingness to improve and learn and are often transparent in our services we provide.
Compassion & Empathy
LINKASSIST are understanding and empathetic to people’s needs, we showcase a calmness and composure throughout our support services, especially in a difficult situation.

Our NDIS services

We tailor our services to the needs and wishes of each client. Support workers at our company are highly competent, passionate, and empathetic. We deliver the best possible service to you with a positive attitude.

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

NDIS or the National Disability Insurance Scheme is an initiative of the Australian government to financially help people with a permanent or significant disability lead an empowering and safe life. It aims to ensure the participant’s access to all the resources they would need to fulfil their goals. The support provided under this scheme is holistic, and the participants can use the funds to avail of various services that best meet their goals, needs and requirements.

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1. N – National
NDIS is valid throughout all Australian states and territories and is open to all Australian citizens.

2. D – Disability
People with a physical, intellectual, sensory or motor disability can avail of this scheme and secure the required financial assistance.

3. I – Insurance
NDIS, through its various services, offers insurance that no eligible participant would lead a life devoid of proper care and support.

4. S – Scheme
NDIS is not a support system but a well-structured scheme that promotes individuality and growth while providing holistic support.

Looking for Disability Service or NDIS Provider in Clyde?

Delivering Holistic Care to All NDIS Participants in Wollongong

In your NDIS journey, you will have several goals and expectations, and as your NDIS provider in Wollongong, we are committed to helping you achieve them all. As a team of specialist providers, we will quickly identify and act upon your needs. We will never let inconsistencies or delays hamper your well-being or minimise your growth potential.

Once you choose us as your local NDIS registered provider, you will secure access to a team that is:

  • Skilled and Reliable
  • Friendly and Caring
  • Passionate and Empathetic
  • Licensed and Experienced

The support workers at My Link Assist will always put their best foot forward and be the caregivers and support system one needs to live well and chase their goals. As an NDIS participant, you can always trust us to prioritise your well-being and adopt all the necessary measures to ensure your safety and growth.

We will always be open to suggestions and change our approach if required. While we follow a streamlined process to ensure your maximum satisfaction, we know that what works for one person might not work for others. Keeping that in mind, we will customise your plan only after a thorough discussion with you and your primary caregivers. You will determine the extent of the services provided, and we will be sure to act as per your wishes.

Contact our support workers today for more information about our team or our Wollongong NDIS services.

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