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Link Assist

We are an untiring team of healthcare professionals, passionate caretakers, and devoted social workers committed to assisting disabled individuals and their family members through positive mental support, respite, long and short accommodation, and other disability support services. We are the recognised disability services providers in Australia who promote community awareness and support for people with disabilities and the autism spectrum. Among all the “disabilities services Australia”, our company’s vision and services are the most reliable and customer-centric.

Welcome to

Link Assist

Link assist is a team
of passionate caretaker
and social workers to
assist the disabled individuals
and their family through positive
mental support, respite, long and short accommodation among other services.
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About Us

Link Assist

Link Assist renders a superior level of disability support services that helps disabled individuals in skills and accommodation and motivates them to lead a better safe and sound life. We are a company that takes off the strain from the shoulders of the disabled personas and bring in-home services for persons with disabilities with no strings attached in the service availing procedure.

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Mission Statement

Link Assist aspires to inspire individuals with disabilities to nurture a better lifestyle. The name of our company “Link Assist” is a true reflection of our mission that aims to provide assistance who lack inspiration, motivation and need joining hands.

We are proud disability services providers operational in Australia having two decades of assisting experience. We strongly aim to encourage individuals living with disabilities to identify their maximum potential with our personalised, tailored support services for disability.

Values & Beliefs

Our Company follows a robust set of ethical and professional values which makes us unique and trustworthy. We include the major listed characteristics in our services for persons with disabilities.


Our Better Services

We are dedicated health practitioners, and our pool of services entails the same ideology. Our offerings are aligned with the well-being, better nurturing, healthy lifestyle, the motivated outlook of the disabled individuals and their families. With our diversified range of services, we help individuals to make an absolute start fresh. We, as the disabilities services Australia, adhere to providing the necessities important for disabled individuals.

Respite accommodation services

We help you and your family members to take a much-needed break from a caregiver’s demands and meet new people. This temporary relief can even occur at your own home, at day-care centres, or even at residential.

In-home support

We have a team of professionals and compassionate caregivers who provide their full day health-care assistance to disabled individuals. We provide both day and night in-home support inhibiting time slot dependability.

Community Participation

We understand the cruciality of the social, motivational, and educational activities for promoting awareness and building new connections, thus bringing them together under our company’s roof. Link Assist aims to get people on a common platform to achieve the maximum benefit for society.

Supported living accommodation

Link Asset not only offers accommodation facilities. Our accommodation services also cater to all physical and equipment assistance our clients may require throughout their accommodation journey with us.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

We offer shared environment accommodation for individuals with disabilities and mental illnesses 24/7 to help them develop skills mandatory for living an independent life. We provide assistance and supervision to help our clients live an absolutely non-dependent life.

Long and short term accommodation

Link Assist facilitates its clients with long-term and short-term accommodation specifically tailored to suit our clients’ needs and wants. The two accommodation facilities give our clients and patients a suite of choices per their convenience.

Support Coordination

We are here to develop and strategise an implementable health-care and support plan that targets our clients to build the essential skills for their better lifestyle. We offer to build a support plan that helps individuals and their families access support and services independently.


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