A Trusted Disability Service Provider in Pakenham

We are Link Assist, a name you can trust as your disability service provider in Pakenham. We are a team of dedicated professionals and empathetic support workers who will ensure that you make the best out of your NDIS plan and fulfil all your goals during your NDIS journey.

Specialist NDIS Providers in Pakenham

To avail of the maximum benefits of your NDIS plan, the support of an expert NDIS Provider could be of great assistance. Knowing this, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming the best disability service provider in Pakenham.

We do our best to ensure the mental and physical well-being of the NDIS participants and provide them with all the resources they would need to excel in their life.

We have certain values and beliefs, and we abide by them while caring for and supporting every participant who chooses us as their NDIS Provider in Pakenham. Our values include:

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  • Trust: Our team at Link assist follows a robust set of ethical and professional values that makes us unique and trustworthy.
  • Accountability: We are always accountable for your needs as your Disability service provider in Pakenham. All your needs would be timely identified and resolved efficiently with us.
  • Commitment: We are dedicated to the overall well-being of all the NDIS participants.
  • Compassion: Ours is a team of compassionate individuals who care for all the NDIS participants the way they would care for their own families.
  • Sincerity: We are sincere towards the work that we undertake and never do anything that compromises the overall well-being of the NDIS participants.

So, choose us as your NDIS providers in Pakenham and make way for holistic care that would assist you in improving each aspect of your life.

Why Choose Us as your Disability Care provider

Trust & Commitment
LinkAssist knows that trust is difficult to gain, and when broken harder to redeem. Have confidence in knowing that our commitment, integrity, and reliability are a strong part of LinkAssist.
At LinkAssist, we always work hard to deliver the best possible service to our clients and participants. We never miss an opportunity to exceed expectations and deliver a great experience.
LINKASSIST knows that Accountability is the acceptance of our own responsibility for our own actions. We show a willingness to improve and learn and are often transparent in our services we provide.
Compassion & Empathy
LINKASSIST are understanding and empathetic to people’s needs, we showcase a calmness and composure throughout our support services, especially in a difficult situation.

Our NDIS services

We tailor our services to the needs and wishes of each client. Support workers at our company are highly competent, passionate, and empathetic. We deliver the best possible service to you with a positive attitude.

What is The National Disability Insurance
Scheme (NDIS)?

The Australian government founded the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to provide funded support to every resident of Australia living with a complete or partial disability of any kind. NDIS funds numerous support services, which are meant to secure for all the participants a life of comfort, autonomy and safety. Once you prove your eligibility, you can avail yourself of all the services under the NDIS charter and work towards improving the overall quality of your life.

insurance scheme

To be eligible for the NDIS, you need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • You need to be below 65 years of age.
  • Must be an Australian resident.
  • Have a permanent or significant disability or a developmental delay that limits the normal flow of their life.
  • Proof that NDIS could help improve the overall quality of your life and help you lead a more comfortable existence.

Being a trusted NDIS provider in Pakenham, we take forward the vision of NDIS through all the support services that we offer. As a registered provider, we meet all the eligibility requirements set by the NDIS, including qualifications, approvals, and experience. Therefore, we are a name that you rely on as your disability service provider in Pakenham.

Looking for Disability Service or NDIS Provider in Pakenham?

Delivering holistic care to all NDIS participants in Pakenham

We have over 20 years of experience delivering expert disability care to NDIS participants with diverse needs, ethnicities and backgrounds. We, therefore, are fully equipped to cater to your needs irrespective of your situation. We secure a comfortable and supportive living environment where nothing limits your growth potential with every service we provide. Every day, you will get to work towards your goals with safety never being a concern that pulls you back.

As your NDIS provider in Pakenham, we will provide various services, including:

  • Short-Term Accommodation (STA)
  • Respite accommodation services
  • In-home support
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • Long term accommodation
  • Community Participation
  • Supported Living Accommodation
  • Active night support and sleepovers
  • Support Coordination

You can choose to avail of a few or all of these services and have them tailored to meet your specific needs. Once you place your trust in us as your NDIS provider in Pakenham, we will take the responsibility to cater to your needs and ensure your well-being. Our support workers would work round-the-clock to ensure that you have access to the right living environment and that your NDIS plan proceeds in the right direction.

So, make way for holistic care and support by choosing us as your disability service provider in Pakenham.

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