Mrs. Ronella Vetan

Disability Support Worker

Mrs. Ronella Vetan is a Disability Support Worker with nearly two years of experience at LinkAssist. She assists individuals in engaging in social and recreational activities, managing tasks like shopping and medical appointments, and provides support with cooking, cleaning, and personal care. Ronella finds fulfillment in creating personalized support plans tailored to each person's unique goals and needs. She cherishes the opportunity to provide daily care and support, fostering happiness and fulfillment in the lives of those she assists.

Originally from Romania, Ronella moved to Australia at the age of 12. Outside of work, she enjoys shopping, spending time with family and friends over meals, and exploring new destinations through travel. Ronella prefers coffee over tea and is motivated by the happiness and safety of the people she supports.

As a child, Ronella dreamed of becoming an air hostess or nurse due to her love for interacting with people. She derives great satisfaction from making a positive impact on others' lives and witnessing their joy and contentment.

Mrs. Vivian Barimah

Disability Support Worker

Years of Service: 2

As a disability support worker, my primary responsibility revolves around providing assistance to clients in their daily activities, offering companionship, and ensuring they feel supported and valued. I see my role as lending a hand, being a caring presence when needed, and advocating positively on behalf of my clients.
A typical day for me involves assisting clients with morning routines like preparing breakfast and administering medications. I also engage in documentation to ensure all tasks and interactions are properly recorded. Throughout the day, I focus on actively engaging with clients, whether through conversation or activities like board games, while providing constant encouragement.
One of my fondest memories at work is when a client eagerly awaited my arrival for a shift, greeting me with a warm hug and expressing how much they missed me. Even now, whenever I arrive for a shift, seeing their excitement and the familiar hug remains a cherished moment.
Customers often inquire about how I entered this profession and if it presents challenges.
The most rewarding part of my job is witnessing the genuine happiness and appreciation from clients upon my arrival for each shift.
I hold diplomas in Mental Health and Community Services (Case Management), obtained while furthering my studies.
I hail from Ghana, a peaceful nation in Africa.
Prior to my role in support work, I worked as an apprentice chef and later as a Personal Assistant to a Sales Agent at Harcourts.
My biggest inspirations are my mother and older brother.
I am definitely a coffee person; tea is simply flavored water in my book.

Mrs. Unnice Musamba

Disability Support Worker

I'm Unnice Musamba, a dedicated Support Worker at Linkassist for over three years. My role involves assisting NDIS participants with daily tasks like personal care, shopping, meal preparation, and organizing social activities. I also provide companionship and emotional support.

Currently, I'm primarily engaged in night shifts. My routine includes greeting clients, ensuring the premises are secure, and attending to their needs throughout the night. I provide meals, companionship, and ensure a restful environment for clients, while also conducting regular checks to ensure their safety and well-being.

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the joy on our clients' faces when their needs are met. Knowing that I'm making a positive impact on their lives and helping them live more independently brings me immense satisfaction.

My faith as a Christian is my source of strength, and I've also pursued diplomas in Interior Decoration, Children's Services, and Community Services to further my skills and knowledge.

Outside of work, I enjoy Sadza, a traditional dish, and I'm proud to have shared 42 years of marriage with my loving husband, along with our wonderful family and grandchildren. My favourite book is the Bible.

Mr. Philip Okyere

Disability Support Worker

Experience: Philip brings over 4 years of dedicated service to LinkAssist as a Disability Support Worker. His commitment to the welfare of our clients is unparalleled, reflected in his diligent adherence to their individualized care plans.

Responsibilities: In his role, Philip navigates busy days with grace, ensuring each client receives the attention and assistance they require. His hands-on approach extends beyond mere task completion; he actively engages in and enriches their daily activities.

Passion: Philip's passion for his work shines through in every interaction. He finds deep fulfillment in contributing to the well-being of those he serves, viewing it as an opportunity to give back to the community and make a meaningful impact on individuals' lives.

Achievements: Witnessing the progress and moments of joy in his clients' lives is particularly rewarding for Philip. Being a part of their journey, no matter how small the improvement, brings him immense satisfaction.

Fun Facts: Beyond his professional role, Philip's vibrant personality is evident. Hailing from Ghana, Africa, he finds joy in soccer, cherishing time with his family, active involvement in his church community, indulging in African cinema, and cherishing the role of fatherhood above all else. Philip possesses a unique talent for assembling furniture from Ikea, a skill that proves invaluable both at work and at home. Additionally, his past involvement in the Salvation Army Choir in the UK showcases his diverse interests and talents, even garnering him recognition in a newspaper article during his younger years.

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