A Trusted Disability Service Provider in Frankston

Make way for holistic care with our empathetic team of support professionals in Frankston. With their assistance, secure for yourself a comfortable and safe accommodation and mark a journey towards fulfilling all your personal and professional goals.

Specialist NDIS Providers in Frankston

We are Link Assist, a trusted disability service provider in Frankston. Our team is dedicated to offering all the NDIS participants holistic assistance under our care, targeting each individual aspect of their lives. As an organisation with extensive experience catering to the needs of numerous NDIS participants, we understand how much difference these support services could bring to their lives. Therefore, we always put our best foot forward to ensure that they can avail all the benefits that NDIS offers to its participants.

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As your NDIS providers in Frankston, we provide you with various services that will take care of all your accommodation needs and assist you with managing your NDIS plan. The support services that we provide include:

  • Short-Term Accommodation (STA)
  • Respite accommodation services
  • In-home support
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • Long term accommodation
  • Community Participation
  • Supported Living Accommodation
  • Active night support and sleepovers
  • Support Coordination

You can choose to avail few or all of these services, incorporate them into your NDIS plan and ensure that your journey as an NDIS participant proceeds smoothly without any roadblocks.

Why Choose Us as your Disability Care provider

Trust & Commitment
LinkAssist knows that trust is difficult to gain, and when broken harder to redeem. Have confidence in knowing that our commitment, integrity, and reliability are a strong part of LinkAssist.
At LinkAssist, we always work hard to deliver the best possible service to our clients and participants. We never miss an opportunity to exceed expectations and deliver a great experience.
LINKASSIST knows that Accountability is the acceptance of our own responsibility for our own actions. We show a willingness to improve and learn and are often transparent in our services we provide.
Compassion & Empathy
LINKASSIST are understanding and empathetic to people’s needs, we showcase a calmness and composure throughout our support services, especially in a difficult situation.

Our NDIS services

We tailor our services to the needs and wishes of each client. Support workers at our company are highly competent, passionate, and empathetic. We deliver the best possible service to you with a positive attitude.

What is The National Disability Insurance
Scheme (NDIS)?

The National Disability Insurance scheme financially aids all individuals living with disabilities and assists them with living a comfortable and fulfilling life. This scheme is open to all Australian residents above the age of 65 who have a permanent or significant disability or a developmental delay that limits the normal flow of their life.

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NDIS will financially support all those services that fulfil the following criteria:

  • It should be related to your disability.
  • The support must assist you with fulfilling your short-term and long-term goals and aspirations.
  • The availed support must help you evolve as a social being.
  • The cost of the service availed should be reasonable in terms of the benefits that it brings into the life of the NDIS participant.
  • The services you seek assistance for should be best provided by the NDIS. If any other agency can provide that service more efficiently, that service won’t be funded by the NDIS.

Once you prove your eligibility, you can claim access to all the support services covered by the NDIS. NDIS follows a lifetime approach and aims to take care of both the immediate needs of NDIS participants and help them build capacity and lead an independent life.

Looking for Disability Service or NDIS Provider in Frankston?

Delivering holistic care to all NDIS participants in Frankston

We deliver holistic care and support targeting each aspect of your life.

  • As your NDIS Provider in Frankston, we provide short term accommodation and residential care to all NDIS participants who are looking for an independent place to live but require some physical or equipment support.
  • Our respite accommodation services include respites at home and away from home to encourage and promote the mental and physical well-being of caregivers and NDIS participants.
  • We offer in-home support to all NDIS participants to help them live to their fullest within the comforts of their homes. Our support workers will be there with you 24*7 to cater to all your individual needs the way you want them to.
  • We offer complete to occasional support depending upon your needs and ensure that nothing within your home brings down your overall comfort level.
  • Along with short term accommodation, we also provide long term accommodation services to provide all the NDIS participants with a healthy, comfortable and safe living environment.
  • Our community participation support service creates opportunities for all NDIS participants to participate in the community through social, educational, artistic, recreational, or volunteer-based activities.
  • We provide supported living accommodation to all eligible individuals according to the NDIS approved plan. The supported living accommodation will include all physical and equipment support the participant might need.
  • In our active night support and sleepover service, we assign professional, certified caregivers for night-time care and check-in. Our support workers will remain active and vigilant throughout the night and ensure that the participants under their care sleep peacefully.
  • Under our support coordination service, our support workers will assist you in building the skills you need to understand, implement and use your plan to your benefit.

So, choose us as your Disability service provider in Frankston and secure for yourself a comfortable, safe and growth-oriented NDIS journey.

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