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Why Do People Die after Getting Old?

Gone are the days when talking about death wasn’t considered a healthy conversation. However, today this notion has gone extinct and death topics have become part of a colloquial conversation for people now. Many forums now have two cents worth over this subject related to its association with the declining age.

In today’s blog, we have attempted to shed light on the most stirring question of all times – “Do people really confront death due to their old age?” With the aegis of scientific facts and authentic studies, this pencil narration acts as an eye-opener to all those who consider 70s and disability the signs of ultimate demise.   

So, without dragging the conversation any further, let’s delve deeper into the crux of this discussion.

Demises Are Linked With Preconceived School-of-Thoughts

The death statistics are elevating like crazy. But if you think “old age” is the reason, you should give it a second thought. Billions are dying, not because of declining age, but because of several more reasons.

Freak accidents and severe diseases stand prominent amongst them. It is of no two opinions that when an elderly person bids farewell to this mortal world, it is said that the person has died of his “old age” factor or “natural causes.” It may sound right but the reality is entirely different. And we will discuss it in the later section of this blog.

Generally, we associate a person’s death with the old age factor because we can’t determine the actual reason behind their demise. When the elderly person’s death cause is uncertain and not understood, we consciously label it with the tag that says “died of old age.”

Let’s explore the reasons why an elderly person eventually has to embrace death.

Do Aged People Succumb Due To Diseases or Disability?

Society speaks what they have been listening to from their ancestors. In the context of timeworn narrations, “old age” has been a prominent cause of the elderly people’s death. But it’s high time we change our perspective.

If someone enters the phase of aging and then dies, there must have been some pre-existing ailment that caused the demise. With the progress in scientific advancements, diseases have mutated and started appearing out of the blue. The emergence of such pre-existing and new diseases altogether becomes the cause of death in various situations.

There are many ways of steering away from this mortal coil. Still, the most leading one is the fatal injury (arising from falls or severe car accidents) and uncontrollable ailments (cancer).

Long story short, old age doesn’t lead to poor health or early death. Similarly, young age doesn’t guarantee good health and long life! However, with the help of Disability Employment Support Services, our elders can see a few more fine years.

Weaker Cells Can’t Stave Off Diseases and Disability, Resulting In Death!

We thought, why not share with you the reason why diseases accompany elderlies more, irrespective of having Disability Care Services. We will have to peek into some biological concepts.

We all know that the human body is composed of living cells, and, indeed, they have a finite lifespan. However, it doesn’t mean that the body organ dies due to the limited longevity of cells. Instead, damaging effects of the surrounding environment, ailments, and genetic mutations stimulate particular diseases and disorders. With the growth of an individual, the cells’ functionality weakens, resulting in non-resistive behavior against ailments. Quite evidently, over time, the probability of catching a variety of medical problems increases. And, this likelihood outlines the fragility of cells that stop them from repairing.

This is the same reason why a younger person survives the disease that an older person couldn’t. And, this fact speaks louder against the association of death solely with the old age factor.

Nevertheless, if we want to prolong and ease the lives of elderly individuals, Disability Employment Support Services serve as the best bet.

What Does Death Certificate Mention? Old Age? NO!

Old age is never put on a death certificate. Instead, diseases like cardiac arrest, heart attack, infection, or cancer are mentioned on the certificate. And this really makes sense since whoever dies encounters the halt to heart operations more often.

Today’s doctors mention particular death causes instead of writing “died due to natural causes.” And if the person dies due to multiple ailments altogether, a generic term “debility” or “multiple organ failure” is listed. But the mention of “died due to old age” has gone the way of the buffalo.

“Die in Sleep” — a notion that everyone appreciates, no matter the age!

Nowadays, you will find people saying that they want to die in their sleep. They probably think dying in sleep prevents them from encountering tough times while the soul leaves the body. Older adults seem to be great fans of this desire too. It is perhaps because they think “death in bed” alleviates the symptoms and the aggressive hustle and bustle between the hospital’s corridors.

But if we go deeper, we will find none but the diseases that cause death in sleep beds. The undetected infection or terminal cancer may lead to unexpected deaths while snoring. Even there are conditions when a person having no medical issues succumbs to heart attacks.

Above All Else, Can We Arrest The Process Of Aging?

For sure, you can arrest the process of aging, but you can’t imprison it for long. You can’t stop the biological clock that pushes us to move towards aging. However, the killing of the cells that surrender to further divide can slow down the aging process.

Long Story Short — People Are Born To Die

It is a naked reality that whoever is born has to die one day, no matter how, but yes, we have to surrender eventually at the cruel hands of death. With proper diet, supplements, anti-aging treatments, we can diminish the signs of aging; however, we can’t stop the ticking of the clock. Anyways, from the fun facts mentioned above, it is pretty evident that death has nothing to do with age. Death is uncertain, and calamity can surround anyone irrespective of age. But, Disability Care Services can bring some alleviation in these symptoms of the deadly diseases!


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