NDIS Provider Number: 4050090684

Volunteer opportunities

Our passion for establishing LinkAssist, an organization of Disability Service Providers, started with our enthusiasm for volunteering at welfare-based events for the disabled community. We like more individuals to join us in this field. We offer several volunteer-based opportunities as well:


We are looking for an ambassador on a volunteer basis who is willing to promote our work, method, and services to the targeted audience in educational and organizational sectors. We require the individual to be enthusiastic and represent the same compassion that we have for helping the disabled community and assisting them for an independent life.

Outdoor Activities Support Person

Social interaction is an important part of mental well-being. Link assists as an organization like to arrange several recreational activities for our customers and help them extend their social circle. We require individuals who are willing to spare time and assist our customers in various ways throughout these outdoor activities.

Community Participation Management

We have volunteer openings for individuals who acquire exceptional skills in management and problem-solving. We require individuals who can manage multiple tasks and a team of volunteers and turn each event into a success. The position requires you to be organized, punctual, and an individual with a positive attitude.

Educationist/ Artist/ Recreational

Productive activities encourage our customers to interact better and be confident with the society. If you have any productive activity you like to carry out as a professional with us voluntarily. You are more than welcome to be a part of our community. We want to encourage our disabled members’ of society to experience as many new activities as possible.


We are happy to receive help from our fellow members of the society in organizing health, educational, recreational, festive, and professionally focused activities for our customers. We encourage activities both focused on the family and disabled individuals. The events are meant to help our customers and their families have time out and meet new people.

Project help Managers

We are looking for individuals who can collaborate and coordinate back and forth with us and for organizers for the event/ project management. The project managers will be required to assist people with their concerns and help them on a volunteer basis. The individual should be enthusiastic and welcoming in nature.