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Are You One Of Those Looking For A Job Out There? We Can Be Your Savior!

No Matter If You Are Injured, Ill, or Disabled. The Job Is Not Always For Perfect Ones. We Are Paving The Path To Your Dream Of Employment Right Here.

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About LinkAsset’s Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services

Disabilities Employment Services (DES) assist individuals who are disabled to find them well-suited work or job. These services can help you find and stay employed if you have a disability, illness, injury, or bad health condition. This was the Australian Government’s initiative to ease down employment search pain for disabled individuals, mostly.

Disabilities Employment Services segregate into two categories:

You Are Eligible For DES If:


How To Get Started with Disability Employment Support Services


After registering with us, you will be contacted on an instant basis to proceed further.


You will be meeting with our dedicated employment counsellor at the decided/planned location.


There will be a thorough and considerate discussion related to your disability, health conditions, and job needs.


Here the journey begins of your employment.

Why Join Us?

Link Assist is Australia’s renowned Disability Employment Support Services with our exceptional health care professionals with an assisting experience of almost 20 years. At Link Assist, we know how difficult it is for a disabled person to find a job and remain employed in health uncertainty.  Therefore, we provide the sheer volume of ways to help you with your health needs that help set us apart from other healthcare aides and social communities.

Disabilties employment services
Disability employment support services