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Living With A Disability, Itself Disables The Ways To Find Someone Who Cares And Heals.

But, Link Assist Is Here. Understanding Your Every Need. Offering You Much Needed Health Care Services.


Disabled minor or significant, needs the same life spent by healthy and perfect people. They just lack some movements, but intellect and mechanical strength are still fresh and raw. They need to embark upon excellence with professionalism, discretion, and just as importantly warmth, love, and compassion by the empathetic ones.


Disability care is tiresome and demands massive compassion, savvy, and patience. Considering that everyone is different, has different needs, wants, and goals and that everyone has a different pattern to live their lives lead disability care services provider a considerate and flexible approach.

We strongly believe that people with a disability share the same right as every other person living on this planet to spend their everyday lives in the comfort of their own houses. That is why we have set the bar too high following the standards of care we offer.


It can be even more frightening to go into residential care, and routines are generally strictly controlled to fixed hours, including when you eat, sleep or get to do recreational activities.

Being cared for in your own home ensures that you can maintain your routine, enabling you to live your life according to your circumstances. Our disability home care and programs are customised to suit your individual needs. We spend valuable time meeting with you to obtain a complete understanding of your particular conditions. This also lets us match you with the most appropriate carer or support provider to optimise your possibilities and potential.


To ensure your well-being and best interests are met, we completely support and promote advocacy. To maximise the capacity of – individual, skilled, and practically disabled, support options are planned accordingly. We offer flexibility to allow personal development, growth, and individual lifestyle aspirations under current funding arrangements.


Link Asset offers disability home care and support to adults living with a disability. Our professional caregivers come to you in your home to provide you with the health care and physical assistance you need. Aged care disability is the most important in our pool to help disability care offerings.

Our services are cautiously designed to meet the individual’s needs as well as of their families. It doesn’t matter if you are young or aged having physical, learning, or mental disability or even if you are terminally ill – our health care workers will make you feel at ease every time. Individuals who are taking aged care services are more energetic and independent.


We have served many disabled clients and patients in Australia, and we are proud to declare that we have successfully catered to their needs.  We provide help disability care to the needy ones.

No matter your needs, you can rest assured that we are one of the most professional and empathetic disability care providers operational in Australia. So, don’t hesitate to reach us today. We know that every disability demands a different, tailored approach for different individual specific needs. That is why we listen to every minute detail of yours to understand our clients better and curate a plan accordingly.

It can be challenging to find the care and attention needed to guarantee that life is as comfortable as possible if you or a loved one lives with a disability. Disabilities may vary from physical to brain damage or neurological disabilities, from as little as an hour to round the clock treatment, and may require extensive care. Link Assist acknowledges these challenges.

Our professional team members are incredibly knowledgeable and can offer you helpful information about disability assistance in the community to encourage your incorporation and participation.

We offer care services for the person living with a disability, but we are also mindful of how vital our services are for the whole family. Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind and to put you at ease. We will be more than happy to support you in whatever way we can to ensure that you and your loved one can lead a safe and satisfying life.

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